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15 October 2023

To the beautiful people of the Yes 23 Sutherland Shire campaign,


We pause today in the very place we began - the heart. We will respect the silence that has been asked for in a Statement by Indigenous Australians who supported the Voice, “to grieve this outcome and reflect on its meaning and significance” as it so importance for this time and space to exist.


We’ve inspired each other as volunteers, families and friends who have put our heart and soul into this incredibly worthy campaign. Please know that 65,000 people across the Shire voted Yes… one person for every one of the 65,000 years of ancient First Nations culture I know we all recognise so clearly.


As a community, we have mobilised, we have connected, we have harnessed kindness, generosity and friendship from many walks of life and from many smaller groups and communities in the place we call home, in the Sutherland Shire and surrounds.


Our thanks go to the community which has found itself accepting the generous gift of the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the invitation to walk with First Nations peoples. The journey continues.


We invite anyone who shared in this journey or wants to, to gather on Sunday 29th October at 7am at Shelly Beach Cronulla to greet the new day. Details HERE.


In reconvening at this time, we will be transitioning the Yes23 Sutherland Shire platforms.

To keep connected within this group, please add your details to our e-news HERE.


This has been a community effort which has built capacity, skill and genuine connection for all of us.


The effort continues and so does the community.


Angela & Jodie


** If you need it, Yes volunteers can access support via the EAP at 1300 361 123, press line 2 for the Voice dedicated support line.


EAP - for volunteers

  • YES campaign volunteers can access EAP support via the Telstra dedicated number 1300 361 123 - for the Voice dedicated support Line, press 2.

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