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Referendum Day Booths - 14 October

This area is not part of the Yes23 Sutherland Shire Campaign but we are assisting by providing this landing page for volunteers wanting to book a shift.

Final chance to get a flyer into voter hands! Bring your smiles - it's Referendum Day.

BOOK YOUR SHIFT ONLINE - use the links below. To edit your shift you simply revisit the same link and change or delete your selected shifts.

Locations in HUGHES (Liverpool area) | Booths we need volunteers to help with

HAMMONDVILLE ::: Sydney 2170  | Hammondville Public School | 53 Walder Rd. INFO + hours

HOLSWORTHY ::: Sydney 2173 | Holsworthy Public School | 36 Infantry Parade. INFO + hours

HOLSWORTHY WEST ::: Sydney 2173 | Holsworthy High School | Huon Crescent INFO + hours

MOOREBANK ::: Sydney 2170 | Nuwarra Public School | 11 McKay Ave. INFO + hours

MOOREBANK EAST ::: Sydney 2170 | Moorebank Community Centre | Cnr Maddecks Ave & Nuwarra Rd. |  INFO + hours

WATTLE GROVE  ::: Sydney 2173 | Wattle Grove Community Centre, 8 Village Way. INFO + hours

WATTLE GROVE ::: Sydney 2173 | Wattle Grove Public School | Cressbrook Drive. INFO + hours

Want to help fill a shift? Here's what you need to do...

Step 1. Use the links to book your shift (take note of your shifts as you go). You are confirmed!

Step 2. We will send you a copy of your confirmed shifts closer to the day with some info. In the meantime, links to maps are in the locations and 'the basics' are below.

(If you need to make edits to your shift, use the same link)

The Basics

  • WHAT TO WEAR - The white Yes23 t-shirt (this has a coloured outline of Australia on it). If you don't have a white Yes23 t-shirt, we'll supply one. Let us know when confirming your shift

  • DO BRING A SPARE PLAIN T-SHIRT - To wear inside the voting place if you need to use the bathroom. There are strict rules which restrict us from entering while wearing or carrying any campaign materials.

  • DO BRING A FRIEND! Ideally, let us know so we can take best advantage of 'you-times-two' (or more) in our rostering BUT if you you don't get to RSVP them, please bring them anyway!

  • DO BRING lots of water, a packed lunch and snacks!

  • DO BRING - smiles and a friendly vibe!

  • DO NOT wear co-branded Yes23 t-shirts, just plain Yes23 please.

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