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Can you help as a SCRUTINEER?

Please email for more details or to volunteer.

SCRUTINEERS are present during the sorting counting of the votes with the AEC. They MUST arrive on time - once the booth is closed, noone will be allowed to enter.


A scrutineer is required for each polling booth and they are required to be in the closed counting room prior to 6pm until counting is concluded (estimated to be around 9pm).

No experience needed. Training is provided.

This is actually not a difficult job and even less difficult at a Referendum. In addition Australia Electoral Commission (AEC) officials are on hand throughout the process to answer any questions.

ESSENTIAL RESOURCE - Yes23 Scrutineer Guide


This is a short, sharp guide to what you need to do as a scrutineer with examples of ballot papers. Please read before your shift.

RESOURCE - video: Scrutineering for First Timers

How to prepare for scrutineering...on polling day

  • You MUST be in the booth / voting centre ON TIME - once lock out occurs, noone can come in.

OPTIONAL - just in case you want to go deep!  AEC Scrutineers Handbook


How do I book for a Scrutineer Shift?

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