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Want to help at a polling station for early voting or on Referendum Day? Here's how...

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Pre-poll (early voting) | Tuesday 3 Oct - Fri 13 Oct

We need volunteers to staff five (5) locations across the Sutherland Shire.

BOOK A SHIFT - CLICK your preferred Pre-poll location below:

BOOK @ CARINGBAH ::: Sydney 2229 | St Phil's Anglican Church Hall | 402 Port Hacking Rd INFO + hours

BOOK @ CRONULLA ::: Sydney 2230 | Cronulla Central Community Centre, 38-60 Croydon Street INFO + hours

BOOK @ MIRANDA ::: Sydney 2228 | Netball Stadium, 99-105 Bellingara INFO + hours

*BOOK @ ENGADINE ::: Sydney 2233 | Engadine, 1059 Old Princes Highway INFO + hours

BOOK @ WATTLE GROVE ::: Sydney | Wattle Grove Community Centre, 8 Village Way INFO + hours

(*pls note Engadine shows up as '1059 Old Princes Highway' in the system)

How to book

Step 1. Use the links to book your shift (take note of your shifts as you go). You are confirmed! Pls note the automatic confirmation email/text is not enabled so you will not get a communication straight after booking.

Step 2. We or the Location Booth Captain will send you a copy of your confirmed shifts closer to the day with some info. In the meantime, links to maps are included next to the locations on this page and 'the basics' are below.

(If you need to make edits to your shift, use the same link)

NEED A T-SHIRT? Let us know here


Our live booking platform is up and taking bookings. With regards to confirmations.

  • You do not get an immediate automatic confirmation email or text when you book a shift - instead we will send a copy of your roster through the system sometime after you book. This will arrive as a text or email depending on what you provided.

Q. How do I know my shift is confirmed?

If you book in your shift on Knock HQ and complete the process, you can consider it confirmed. We recommend that ​you write down or screenshot your shift so you remember it! We will send a confirmation/reminder before your shift.

Q. I'd rather make a booking over the phone - what do I do?

Send us an email with your details and we will call you to help book your shifts.

What does volunteering at pre-poll or polling involve?

The local polling booth (or voting station) is our VERY last chance to make a difference by providing information to voters as they go in to caste their ballot papers.


This means smiling, handing out flyers, and having some conversations with those who want more information - all whilst being a strong visual presence.

No experience needed - NEWBIES are most welcome! And each booth will have a Booth Captain to help guide the crew.

The Basics

  • WHAT TO WEAR - The white Yes23 t-shirt (this has a coloured outline of Australia on it). If you don't have a white Yes23 t-shirt, we'll supply one. Let us know when confirming your shift.

  • DO BRING A SPARE PLAIN T-SHIRT - To wear inside the voting place if you need to use the bathroom. There are strict rules which restrict us from entering while wearing or carrying any campaign materials.

  • DO BRING A FRIEND! Ideally, let us know so we can take best advantage of 'you-times-two' (or more) in our rostering BUT if you you don't get to RSVP them, please bring them anyway!

  • DO BRING lots of water, a packed lunch and snacks!

  • DO BRING - smiles and a friendly vibe!

  • DO NOT wear co-branded Yes23 t-shirts, just plain Yes23 please.

This guide explains how early voting and Referendum Day voting BOOTHS work and important things you need to know.



BOOK YOUR SHIFT for Referendum Day Poll Booths | 14 October

This is the finish line! It will involve many many booths across the Sutherland Shire, so we'll need a lot of volunteers for this one, all on the one day. You-times-two definitely applies - so if you have a friend or family member you can get to tag along, please let us know!

For a full list of REFERENDUM DAY locations volunteers are being sought for, + links to AEC Maps

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