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IN A NUTSHELL - What do I need to do at Pre-poll or Polling?


The local polling booth (or voting station) is our VERY last chance to make a difference by providing information to voters as they go in to caste their ballot papers.


This means smiling, handing out flyers, and having some conversations with those who want more information - all whilst being a strong visual presence.

No experience needed - NEWBIES are welcome and each booth will have a Booth Captain to help guide the crew. We ask that you read the volunteer guide below AND if you've never worked at a polling station before, view the video recording of our short training session.

How to prepare for volunteering at pre-poll or or on polling day

  • WHAT TO WEAR - ANY Yes23 t-shirt.

  • DO BRING A SPARE PLAIN T-SHIRT - To wear inside the voting place if you need to use the bathroom. There are strict rules which restrict us from entering while wearing or carrying any campaign materials.

  • DO BRING A FRIEND! Ideally, let us know so we can take best advantage of 'you-times-two' (or more) in our rostering BUT if you you don't get to RSVP them, please bring them anyway!

  • DO BRING lots of water, suncreen, a packed lunch and snacks!

  • DO BRING - smiles and a friendly vibe!

  • DO NOT wear co-branded Yes23 t-shirts, just plain Yes23 please.

Can you help as a BOOTH CAPTAIN or SCRUTINEER?

Please email for more details or to volunteer.

BOOTH CAPTAINS need to organise, motivate & equip their individual Polling Day team.

  • Organise - You are the contact for the day for your team, the local Yes campaign leaders & the AEC.

  • Motivate - Connect with your team before polling to ensure they are ready & have all they need.

  • Equip - Collect the booth kit & t-shirts for your team, set up & pack down the booth on polling day.

You are not required to be there for the day, just be contactable & take responsibility for set up and pack down.

SCRUTINEERS are present during the sorting counting of the votes with the AEC. They MUST arrive on time - once the booth is closed, noone will be allowed to enter.


A scrutineer is required for each polling booth and they are required to be in the closed counting room prior to 6pm until counting is concluded (estimated to be around 9pm).

No experience needed. Training is provided.

Scrutineers Handbook - Please have a quick look before your shift. This is actually not a difficult job and even less difficult at a Referendum. In addition Australia Electoral Commission (AEC) officials are on hand throughout the process to answer any questions.


How do I book for a Polling Day or Scrutineer Shift?

Option 1.    ONLINE - USING BOOKING LINKS to roster yourself into shifts (take note of your shifts as you go). You are confirmed! A confirmation text will be sent. If this is incorrect - pls email us ASAP.

Option 2.    BY PHONE. If you'd rather book a shift over the phone, request a phone call. Please email

What happens next? 


  • We will send you an initial confirmation of your shifts via text and/or email.

  • A follow up email will arrive a couple of days before Polling Day (14 Oct) with info about your Booth Captain and what will happen on the day.

  • Please ensure that you know your way to the location (remember there can be multiple booths in the same suburb) - find the address in your confirmation. We have also provided links on this page to each individual Polling Booth listed on the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website.

Q.   How do I know my shift is confirmed?

If you book in your shift using the link, you can consider it confirmed, however we will call or email you a reminder. We recommend that ​you write down or screenshot your shift so you remember it! 

Q.   How many hours should I do?


We'd love you to volunteer for as many as you can. We have a lot of shifts to fill. If you find that your preferred location is not showing available shifts, please email us!

Q.   I need to cancel or change a shift - what to I do?


We would be grateful if you could email us immediately at so that we can find a replacement.

Q.   I don't have a *plain Yes23 t-shirt - how do I get one? 


Email us at so we can try to arrange - YOU MUST COLLECT FROM GYMEA TRADIES ON THURSDAY 12 OCT EVENING KAIMIA ROOM 5-7pm. If you cannot collect at this time, you will need to collect from Jannali on Friday.


Please note that we have limited t-shirts so if you already have one please come wearing that. *by plain we mean any t-shirt for YES that is not co-branded - i.e. please don't wear Unions for Yes or other co-branded merchandise. 

POLLING LOCATIONS in Sutherland Shire

BURRANEER ::: Sydney 2230 | Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College | 62-66 Dominic St. INFO + hours

CRONULLA ::: Sydney 2230 | St Aloysius Catholic Primary School | 7-17 Giddings Ave INFO + hours

KURNELL ::: Sydney 2231 | Kurnell Public School | Torres St INFO + hours

WOOLOOWARE ::: Sydney 2230 | Woolooware High School, 2R Woolooware Rd INFO + hours

CARINGBAH ::: Sydney 2229 | 85 Willarong Rd INFO + hours

CARINGBAH SOUTH  ::: Sydney | Laguna St. Public School, 204 Caringbah Rd INFO + hours

TAREN POINT ::: Sydney 2229 | Taren Point Public School, 93 Woodlands Rd INFO + hours

GYMEA ::: Sydney 2227 | Gymea Anglican Church, 131 Gymea Bay Rd. INFO + hours

MIRANDA ::: Sydney 2228 | Miranda North Public School, 162B The Boulevarde. INFO + hours

MIRANDA ::: Sydney 2228 | Miranda Public School, 3 Sylva Ave. INFO + hours

YOWIE BAY ::: Sydney 2228 | Yowie Bay Public School, Wonga Rd. INFO + hours

KIRRAWEE ::: Sydney 2232 | Kirrawee Public School, 146-156 Bath Rd. INFO + hours

SYLVANIA ::: Sydney 2224 | Sylvania Heights Public School, 66 Venetia St. INFO + hours

SYLVANIA ::: Sydney 2224 | Sylvania Anglican Church, 98 Holt St. INFO + hours

ALFORDS POINT ::: Alfords Point Public School, 2C Brushwood Drive. INFO + hours

BANGOR ::: Sydney | Bangor Primary School, Dandarbong Ave. INFO + hours

BANGOR ::: Sydney 2234 | Inaburra School, 85 Billa Rd. INFO + hours

BANGOR ::: Sydney 2234 | Bangor Scout Hall, 35 Pyree St.  INFO + hours

ILLAWONG ::: Sydney 2234 | Illawong Public School, 276 Fowler Rd. INFO + hours

ILLAWONG ::: Sydney 2234 | Menai Illawong Uniting Church, 273 Fowler Rd. INFO + hours

MENAI ::: Sydney 2234 | Menai Public School, 4R Hall Drive.  INFO + hours

MENAI ::: Sydney 2234 | Menai Community Centre, 34 Allison Crescent.  INFO + hours

MENAI ::: Sydney 2234 | Tharawal Public School, 70 Gerald Rd.  INFO + hours

KIRRAWEE ::: Sydney 2232 | Kirrawee Public School, 146-156 Bath Rd. INFO + hours

SUTHERLAND ::: Sydney 2232 | Sutherland Uniting Church Hall, 9 Merton St. INFO + hours

SUTHERLAND ::: Sydney 2232 | Sutherland North Public School, 12-18 Auburn St.  INFO + hours

BUNDEENA ::: Sydney 2230 | Bundeena Public School, 48R Scarborough St. INFO + hours

ENGADINE ::: Sydney | Engadine Public School, 1A Waratah St. INFO + hours

HEATHCOTE ::: Sydney | Heathcote High School, 32-78 Wilson Parade. INFO + hours

LOFTUS ::: Sydney 2232 | Loftus Public School, 103 National Ave. INFO + hours

POLLING LOCATIONS in Liverpool area

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